Saturday, 16 January 2010

Is Google Personalised Search Going To Kill New Websites and SEO?

How Can New Sites Survive Google Personalised Search?

Google personalised search, launched at the back end of 2009, could potentially act as a barrier to any new website from ever becoming highly ranked.

This is because it retains history of past searches made by both signed-in individuals and by url locations to allow it to provide users with a quicker, more efficient set of results the next time they search.

Now, that sounds all fine and well if your site is established and already ranks well and is in the early search results now, but what if you are a fledgling website with little or no history and were hoping to use good SEO techniques to work your way up the listings? No doubt unscrupulous 'black hat' SEO companies will try and persuade you that alls fair in love and war (claiming Google have declared war on SEO's and newcomers) but there are other ways, ways that won't get your website banned forever.

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Feel free to post any ideas you have come across and we may add this to our bulletin.

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